Why Choose St Andrew’s Senior School

St Andrew’s School mission is to develop self-disciplined, confident and compassionate individuals who live and lead with integrity. We aim to provide a happy, stimulating, well-rounded educational experience for children from a wide range of backgrounds and outlooks, in beautiful surroundings.

Ten Reasons to Choose St Andrews Senior School


1. Christian Ethos

Christian beliefs lie at the heart of St Andrew’s Senior School, with all faiths welcomed in an atmosphere of Christian love and care. The Headmaster, Chaplaincy Team and many teachers are Christians, encouraging pupils to pursue their Christian journey through adolescence and into adulthood. Time it given to worship collectively, as well as learning from the Bible in small study groups. Trust, respect and integrity are developed, as pupils explore a personal faith in God. For more information see Christian Life


2. Academic Excellence

At St Andrew’s Senior School, students are encouraged to excel in every area of academia. All students follow the British Curriculum, building towards IGCSE and A Level examinations. Year 9 students enjoy a chance to study a large range of subjects before specialising later in their studies. Each year, our students achieve better and better academic results resulting in entry to the top universities around the world. For more information see Academic Excellence


3. Pastoral Care and Boarding

At St Andrews Senior School, the vast majority of students are boarders. Life revolves around the boarding houses, where pupils enjoy living together, in a family-atmosphere. Houseparents and matrons create a happy and secure environment in which everyone is valued. Students are expected to adhere to clear behavioural standards and take increasing responsibility for their behaviour and impact on others. Regular family visits during VISO weekends are encouraged. For more information see Pastoral Care


4. International School

Being an international School, pupils at St Andrew’s Senior School interact with members of other nationalities on a daily basis. Understanding what it means to be a respectful and tolerant global citizen is encouraged and events such as International Night, help celebrate our diversity and heritage. As a Round Square School, we promote the importance of looking beyond race, gender and nationality and focus on our shared humanity.


5. Leadership

Understanding true leadership is an important element of the Turi experience. We encourage our pupils to develop integrity, honesty and a heart for service, as well as instil the desire to make a positive difference in the world. Leadership characteristics are developed, with College students benefiting from structured programme called Turi Leadership Award. This two year programme teaches professional leadership skills and culminates in a university accredited qualification.


6. A Stunning Environment and facilities

The breath-taking beauty of our 450 acre estate offers a quiet, safe and secure learning environment and a setting for a rich array of extra-curricular experiences. Many pupils live in busy towns with heavy traffic and multiple distractions. Students benefit by using their time much more effectively, involved in exciting activities such as team sports, orchestra practice and drama productions. For more information see Location and Grounds


7. Sporting Prowess

St Andrews Senior School offers a broad range of sporting opportunities, varying according to the time of year and personal preference of the students. Our teams are very successful in competitive sports, competing against other international school in Kenya and beyond. The boarding environment creates time and space for pupils to fully develop their sporting ability and learn team skills which will benefit them far in to the future. For more information see Sport


8. Music, Art and Drama

The Creative Arts form a key part of the St Andrew’s Senior School, with students studying Art, Drama, Music and Design Technology at iGCSE and A Level. Whether working towards ABRSM music exams, practising LAMDA pieces in Drama or during Art trips, Creative Arts is an important part of every students’ creative development. The School play gives the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience as well as experience costume design or stage production. For more information see Creative Arts


9. A Rich History

St Andrews School, Turi was founded in 1931. Since then, it has grown into a large and successful boarding school, providing world-class education to children from East Africa and beyond. Starting as a Preparatory School for pupils aged 5 to 13 years, St Andrew’s added the Senior School in 1988 and the College in 2010 and now caters for nearly 600 students between the ages of 5 and 18.


10. The ‘Turi Family’

At St Andrew’s Senior School, our aim is to see children leave as mature, thoughtful and resourceful young adults, committed to achieving their full potential and making a difference in their communities. The ‘Turi family’ is truly an international one and has extensive links reaching around the world. As students move on to world renowned universities, they often enjoy the advice and counsel of old Turians. For more information see Old Turians


At Turi, we welcome all feedback from parents so we can continuously improve. Here are some of the things parents say about the School. If you would like to provide your own testimonial, please email it to marketing@turimail.co.ke. Thank you.