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This last term was very successful for the French Department and our young French learners! First of all, I’d like to commend our Y8 students who achieved very pleasing results in their Common Entrance exam with 23 A* and A’s altogether and almost 90% achieving or exceeding their target.


It is also with great determination (and stress!) that about twenty Y8 and Y7 pupils undertook a French diploma at the Alliance Française (DELF). Not only did they commit to extra work, but they also showed that, out of their comfort zone, they can still find the resources to perform and remain determined to do well. This diploma is a first of a series to gain access to Francophone universities.


At the level of co-curricular activities, once again, our students impressed us with their curiosity and interest during the French Cuisine and French movie workshops offered on Saturdays. Amongst various movies that we watched and commented on, we will certainly remember “Sur les Chemins de l’Ecole” or “l’Ascension”.


And finally, it is with great interest that we started an exchange program with the French School of Nairobi. After receiving a visit from 22 of their Y6 pupils in May, we went to visit them at the end of June. During our visit, we were invited to a rugby tournament involving three French schools from three different countries and two other schools from Nairobi. Our Y6s were also lucky enough to be treated to a French restaurant, La Belle Epoque, at the Alliance Française, where they were invited to discover new flavours. Given the popularity of this initiative, the idea is to further develop this exchange to give our students a maximum chance of being exposed to the authenticity of the French language.