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St Andrew’s School, Turi was founded by the Levets and taken on by Peter and Jean Lavers (known to all as Ma and Pa) in 1931. There were initially 15 children in the school and by the end of the second term there were already 22 pupils.

Since then, it has grown to be a large and successful boarding school, providing a first-class education to children from East Africa and beyond. Starting as a Preparatory School for pupils aged 5 to 13 years, St Andrew’s added the Senior School in 1988 and the College in 2010 and now caters for nearly 600 students between the ages of 5 and 18.


Prep School Headmasters:
Senior School Headmasters:
1933 – 1965
Dick Drown
1965 – 1973
Julian Parker
1973 – 1978
Ken Madden
1978 – 1986
John Eames
1986 – 1990
John Eames
1988 – 1990
Jeremy Hett
1990 – 1994
Bernard Ormerod
1990 – 1992
Chris Stafford
1994 – 1998
Graeme Dempsey
1992 – 2000
Richard Fenwick
1998 – 2002
Richard Knight
2000 – 2002
Ian Bateman
2002 – 2006
David Bryson
2002 – 2007
Paddy Moss
2006 – 2015
Adrian Palmer
2007 – 2014
Fergus Llewellyn
2015 – Present
Andrew Boulle
2014 – Present

New School Rising from the Ashes

The Phoenix symbol of St Andrew’s, Turi represents the new school rising out of the ashes of the old, in memory of the fire that broke out at the School on 29th February, 1944. The School was destroyed but the chapel was unscathed and no one was hurt. Pa Lavers, who still ran the School at that time, managed the rebuild of the School by employing Italian Prisoners of War. Many of them were skilled artisans, who took enormous pride in their work and painted beautiful murals. The Baden-Powell Hall is a testament to the enormous skills these men possessed and is a reminder of the truly eventful history that the School has experienced.