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Our Community

Our Community

St Andrew’s, Turi is situated on a beautiful 300-acre estate in the highlands of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Situated between Nakuru and Kericho, it lies North West of Nairobi. The small local village is called Turi, located just outside the School gates. Molo, a small town, is 15 minutes drive and useful for accessing local food, basic shops and ATM machines. The nearest supermarket is located 45 minutes drive away in Nakuru. Nakuru is Kenya’s fastest growing town, now the fourth largest in the country. Here staff can enjoy a large range of services including restaurants, western style shops, dental services and beauticians. The nearest airports are located in Nairobi, 3-4hrs drive depending on traffic. From here you can fly to most places in the world or within Kenya. Nairobi is a very prosperous and, in some parts, modern city. It is the largest city in East Africa with a thriving business district, great shopping, cinemas, bar/ restaurant scene and even its own game park, Nairobi National Park.

Close Community – Due to the remote location of the School and campus style existence, the Turi community is very close knit with staff sharing their work and home lives together. Staff and children have the opportunity to enjoy the 300-acre estate, especially during school holidays. They share the amazing environment and facilities with the other staff families, benefiting from more safety and freedom than normal, due to the secure environment and community living.

Christianity is central to the ethos of the School. It is non-denominational, welcoming everyone from what ever their faith or background. Please see more information from our School Chaplain here

Staff mix/ ethnicity – Like our students, staff come from a large number of countries around the world, predominately Kenya, the UK and South Africa. Staff from Uganda, France, Canada, Spain and Japan add to the cultural diversity of the School, making it a more interesting place to live.