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Year 7 Scholarships 2018

What Scholarships are available?

Prep School Scholarships are awarded for excellence in academia, sports, creative arts, performing arts and all round ability.

Who are they for?

They are available for pupils who will be starting Year 7 in September 2018.  Pupils aged 10 and 11, currently studying in Year 6, are eligible to apply.

When will they start and what is the fee reduction?

Scholarships will start in September 2018 and offer a partial fee reduction.

How are they awarded?

Pupils from all curricula are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be invited to visit St Andrew’s Prep School to take part in a fun and challenging assessment process at the end of February 2018. To apply, please  send the following to by the 16th February 2018.


The selection criteria is as follows:


Pupils with an excellent academic record are invited to apply for an Academic Scholarship. Previous school reports and a recommendation from their current Head would be expected. The candidates will take part in a 5 minute presentation on a topic within the category of scholarship applied for – the idea is to showcase something the student is passionate about and short interviews with the Headmaster and Deputy Head Academic.

The format of the academic scholarship assessment includes a computer based aptitude test, for which no special preparation is required and three online tests in Maths, English, Science and a short written English essay as described below:


Pupils will complete both three independent tasks. The independent tasks will be an online test in English focusing on reading, spelling and grammar; an essay based on a title given on the scholarship day and children should prepare a 3 minute presentation on an author who has been an inspiration to them and how that author has inspired them in their writing.


Pupils will complete both an independent and a group task. The independent task will be an online text focusing on arithmetic skills and reasoning skills and the group task will be an investigation focusing on problem solving.


Pupils will complete both an independent and a group task. The independent task will be an online text focusing on scientific understanding and enquiry skills and the group task will be setting up and carrying out an investigation.


The pupil should play 1 sport to an exceptional level (competing in national level competitions in that sport), with appropriate evidence of performances, times video evidence etc.


The pupil should play 3 or more sports to a very high level


How would it be assessed?

  • By submission of results in chosen sports
  • By submission of video evidence in chosen sports
  • By selection weekend with the following fitness tests: Bleep test, Standing long jump test, 30m sprint time, 100 metre sprint time, Illinois agility test
  • By selection weekend with assessment in chosen sports with involvement of Turi pupils.


What the school would offer to a sports scholar

  • Help with percentage of school fees
  • Weekly meetings to discuss training, goals and competition
  • Quality coaching sessions in addition to normal squad training sessions (at least once per week)


Expectations of a sports scholar

  • Maintain high level of sporting performance
  • Full adherence to training programme
  • Excellent attitude to sport and school life at Turi
  • Show evidence of sound leadership on and off the sports field
  • Compete in at least 1 main sport per term while at Turi
  • Show evidence of progression in sporting performance in line with individual targets
  • Maintain academic achievement in line with CAT targets

We are looking for scholarship candidates to display all round musicianship.

Candidates should have passed grade 3, possibly with other instrumental ability and/or voice.

At the interview they will be asked to:

  • Perform a prepared Grade 3 piece
  • Complete some sight reading
  • Preferably, be able to improvise on a simple chord progression and/or play a well-known tune by ear.


They will also be interviewed, with questions such as:

  • Why do you want to be a Music scholar?
  • How can you demonstrate that you are a team player/like performing with others?
  • What can you bring to Music in St Andrew’s?


Successful candidates will be expected to make a significant contribution to the co-curricular music activities at the school, including orchestra, wind or string ensembles, and choir.


Person Specification

Drama Scholarship recipients will be dedicated performing arts students who are willing to contribute to the artistic life of the School/College and be observed as role models by their peers. Recipients are expected to contribute to the School production and LAMDA in both on-stage and backstage capacities (e.g. front of house, costume assistance, prop and set building, promoting shows across the School/College).

Drama Scholarship – audition standards

Drama Scholarship applications are invited from those who perform or show potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of their age.

Students shortlisted for audition will be required to present two performance pieces:

  • A solo piece, for example poetry, a monologue from a play or film, or the student’s own creation. The piece should be of no more than two minutes duration.
  • In addition, students will need to choose and prepare one monologue from a selection provided by the school (attached).
  • Students also need to complete a Portfolio of Evidence. This should include programmes and/or information from any Drama productions in and outside of school you have been involved in (including prep school); LAMDA certificates or equivalent; any other documents you deem relevant/appropriate.

We are looking for Art scholars who have a passion for the visual Arts and are willing to be thoroughly involved in all aspects of Art at the Prep School.

  • Students will need to bring their portfolio of work.
  • They will be asked to show this project and talk about it with the Art teacher at interview.
  • They will be set a 30 mins pencil drawing test; drawing from a selection of directly observed objects.


Candidates will be interviewed, with questions such as:

  • What Artists they have found to be influential on their own work?
  • What materials and techniques they have enjoyed using and why?


Independent Project

To create an independent project; showing continual progression from original ideas to a final piece.

Using a sketchbook create; mind maps, mood boards, artist research, sketching and experimentation of materials with evidence, referring to the progression development for your project. This project should be based on an initial chosen word which can be resolved in any outcome.

Choose something you are really interested in portraying – faces, trees, flowers, still life, buildings and animals; whatever your interest try drawing bits of it. If you like drawing faces; draw pages full of eyes – screwed up, wide open. Then lips, then try textures for hair. Draw and draw and draw, don’t throw any away and don’t worry about what they look like. It’s important to see how you have progressed. Fill your pages up with doodle and sketches of your chosen interest.

Work on this really hard: Explore tone, line and texture. Whatever your subject or theme – practice drawing it by looking at it lots and drawing only what you can see. Annotate your drawings; say what you can see, what you think, your ideas, your likes and dislikes.

Main piece

The final piece will need to tie in your whole project together and can be of any medium. Your preparation in your sketch book needs to show how other artists have influenced your final piece and there needs to be a lot of drawing leading up to it, exploring your ideas, your composition, techniques etc..

All Rounder

Students applying for all-rounder awards must perform well in the academic examinations and demonstrate skill in at least two of the four areas mentioned above.  Applicants must state the areas in which they wish to be assessed.

Senior School Scholarships 2018

At St Andrew’s Senior School, we are committed to supporting and nurturing the many talents of our students. Scholarships are awarded for excellence in academia, sport, performing arts, creative arts and all round performance. They are available at Senior School for students in Years 9 (age 14) and 12 (age 17).

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships are awarded based on assessments and the Headmasters discretion. Scholarship assessments are run annually and offer potential scholars (both internal and external) a chance to take part in a series of fun and challenging activities.  Activities are designed to examine academic excellence, personal maturity, team work, leadership and presentation skills. Please see details below.

Apply for a Scholarship

Applications for Scholarships starting in September 2018 are now closed. We will be inviting applications for 2019, in October 2018. Please contact our Admission Team nearer the time.

Senior School Registrar – Mrs Mathandi Shikwati
T: +254 (0) 20 20 25 708
M: +254 (0) 725 337736

Beacon Scholarships

St Andrew’s School, Turi also works in partnership with Beacon Scholarships Programme. This leadership development programme aims to grow and deliver ‘change-makers’. It finds children with leadership potential who have financial need; provide them with access to the highest quality education; offer leadership training and ‘high-touch’ mentoring; and creates a vertical pathway for transition into leadership positions. The vision is to develop a group of ethical change-makers who have a multiplier effect to generate positive social change.

The Beacon Equity Trust has built key Partnerships to enable access to top schools and leading international universities via matched-funding scholarships: funding for each Beacon Scholar’s education is usually split equally between Beacon Partners, The Beacon Equity Trust, and Parents/Sponsors/Guardians.