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At St Andrew’s Senior School, we aim to give our students every chance to find and excel in their passions outside of the classroom. We believe that a rounded individual with a passion for a multitude of activities, is an individual who will thrive both academically and in their future careers. We place a large degree of emphasis on the participation of all students in the co-curricular life of the School, with the focus on building personality traits which will last, long after they have left St Andrew’s.

The Senior School Co-Curricular Programme combines many elements: Sport, Creative Arts, Pastoral and Chaplaincy events, recreational clubs, and our active membership of educational organisations such as Round Square. Our College students also benefit from additional activities which specifically prepare them for university entry and subsequent career choices.


Sport is an important part of Senior School life, with every student expected to participate daily, either as a member of a competitive team who represent the School or practicing a secondary sport of their choice. In the Christmas term, boys focus on football while girls concentrate on rounders. Athletics, cross country running and cricket are also highly encouraged. Basketball is the main event for boys in the Easter term as well as hockey for all students. Trinity is the rugby and netball term. Minor sports include lacrosse, swimming and tennis. The Senior School are renowned across Kenya and East Africa for their sporting achievements and hosting of sporting competitions including our annual Turi 7’s rugby and netball tournament.

Creative Arts

Whether working towards ABRSM exams for music, practising LAMDA pieces in Drama or visiting the Guggenheim in New York for an international Art trip, Creative Arts is an important part of very students’ creative development. The School play is an important part of the calendar. Students have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience but also experience costume design or the technical aspects of stage production.

Educational Organisations

The Senior School are key members of the Round Square Association, a globally recognised group of schools promoting the six IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service). These IDEALS form the basis of many activities throughout the School year as we aim to learn about the principles and adopt them in our lives. Examples include our annual International Night to celebrate cultural differences and the President’s Award Scheme which encourages students to participate in challenging outdoor adventures.

Students of all ages take part in our varied Service programme. Activities include fundraising for School approved charities or helping in local community projects. Students gain a huge amount from these experiences, growing in maturity and developing a heart for those less fortunate than themselves.

Pastoral / Chaplaincy

The weekend programme is full of fun and relaxing activities. Time is also carved out to help students deal with the challenges of growing up and becoming young adults. Annual ‘Moving On Up’ days are specifically designed to learn about and discuss issues affecting each year group in an informal environment. The Chaplaincy team are very active within the School, running many activities throughout the year. Weekly Bible Studies help students learn about the Christian faith in small groups. Other more organised activities include the annual Alpha Course and Night of Prayer.

Recreational Clubs

Our clubs programme offers students the chance to try out new and exciting pursuits. Examples include chess, Tae Kwon Do, computer programming and Fund Management. Our Enrich Programme is aimed at Turi Scholars and academically gifted students. It runs in the evenings and inspires young minds on a variety of exciting subjects, ranging from ‘Classical Greece’ to ‘Stem Cell Research’.

The College

All College students benefit from the Turi Leadership Award, a structured two year leadership programme, which teaches professional leadership skills and culminates in a university accredited leadership qualification. Participants are assessed on their knowledge of leadership techniques, their presentation skills, their team work and their creative ideas.  After the busy Year 12 examinations have finished, the students gain from a varied roster of activities including a Pre-university Life Skills Programme looking at the tasks that lie ahead and life at university around the world.

We look to create rounded individuals, with a passion for achieving in whatever they do, who act based on values and a strong faith.