Round Square IDEALS

Round Square is a world-wide association of schools on five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. The key vision is a strong commitment to personal development and responsibility as well as academic excellence. St Andrew’s Senior School has been a Round Square school for many years and as a result, promotes the six IDEALS of learning, through its curriculum and extra-curricular activities.



  • Internationalism – students see themselves as global citizens, looking beyond gender, race and nationality
  • Democracy – freedom of thought and speech is encouraged and facilitated
  • Environmentalism – students learn about the delicate interdependence between humans and the planet
  • Adventure – schools offer activities to challenge students so they gain confidence and problem solving skills
  • Leadership – students learn that leadership is about serving others and requires kindness, wisdom and justice
  • Service – by practically helping others less fortunate, students learn how they can make a positive difference


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St Andrew’s, Turi has over 20 nationalities represented in the student and staff body and as a result is a community focused on communication and compromise. Our differences are respected and we enjoy learning about different cultures. Most College students aspire to attend universities around the world, especially in America and the UK so their lives will continue to become more international in the future.

This year the Round Square committee organised the Senior School International Week, celebrating our individuality and diversity with a week of sport, music, food and insightful assemblies. As a finale, the School was blown away by a fabulous night of dancing, singing and acting from different countries around the world – International Night.


Each year the Senior School elect a School Council, which represents the views of the student body. The Council has a beneficial effect on the School, introducing new initiatives and the hotly contested elections are an interesting insight into the world of politics. Students now have involvement in key decisions such as voting for the new team of Prefects each year.

Recently St Andrew’s, Turi won the Rhino Cup, a prestigious event involving a number of debates against other international schools. Our team triumphed, persuading the audience to agree with the motion, ‘Elections are the best test for a democracy’.


Situated on a 300-acre estate in the highlands of Kenya, we are surrounded by stunning views of the Great Rift Valley, indigenous woodlands, colourful flora & fauna and abundant wildlife. The beauty around us acts to strengthen our resolve to take care of the environment and resources God has provided for us.

The Management and Estate teams join a number of student-led groups to action environmental projects such as recycling, education on biodiversity and sustainable sources of energy. The recent reservoir project will provide more water security for the School and for water-based wildlife to flourish.


The Presidents’ Award (PA) is just one of the opportunities for adventure available at Turi. It is an exciting self-development programme which allows students to overcome challenges in the outdoor environment and we are pleased that the number of students participating in PA has doubled in the last year.

Two recent expeditions to Longonot and the Ngong Hills saw students walk 15-20 km per day, for several days, which was an exhausting but rewarding experience.

Leadership and Service

All students at St Andrew’s Senior School develop leadership skills through workshops, seminars, lectures, clubs and societies, on the sports field, in the boarding houses and by taking on roles of responsibility. We aim to equip students to become young people of influence and integrity.

In Years 12 and 13, all students study for ‘The Turi Leadership Award’, designed to strengthen and develop our mission to build and mould the next generation of leaders, with integrity and vision for East Africa. It is a rigorous two-year university accredited diploma course involving self-reflection, a dissertation on leadership, a presentation to senior teachers and an interview with a member of the school’s Leadership Team.

Every student is expected to be involved in community service programmes, many of which are based in the community around the school in the Turi and Molo area. The level of personal development attained by students taking part in these programmes is remarkable.