Christian Life

Christian Ethos is at the heart of the School. We aim to glorify God in all that we do and give Him the honour for all that He has done. We are blessed to have a chaplaincy team of three full-time members: a Whole School Chaplain and an Assistant Chaplain for each school.

Many staff members are also actively involved in the work of the Chaplaincy through running Bible studies, leading assemblies and chapels as being a Christian presence in the everyday lives of the pupils. The chaplaincy team also offers a lot to the staff and their families in their time here through holiday services, staff church, home groups, marriage courses, parenting courses and an Alpha course.

At Senior School, students also take an active part in leading a vibrant, lively and well-attended Christian Union which happens every Friday night. They also lead Youth Alpha, a place where students are encouraged to explore their faith. Students are increasingly taking the lead in Chapels and often share their thoughts in our special Outdoor Chapel where we have a weekly communion service.

We are so blessed to have gifted student musicians who lead the joyful, heartfelt worship sessions in various contexts. The chaplaincy team finds it a great privilege to walk with the students on their journey of faith, supporting them through hard times, nurturing faith as they ask questions and guiding them to use their gifts and skills for the Kingdom of God.

At Prep School, most pupils attend voluntary Bible studies and are encouraged to explore what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus. Ignite is our thriving Christian Union for year 7 & 8 pupils in which they participate eagerly and with confidence. Pupils are encouraged to pray in boarding houses and the habit of looking to God in all things is established early and regularly.

The youngest children go to Activ8, where they can learn about being a friend of Jesus even from age four.

For information about exciting Chaplaincy events or to hear the inspirational weekly podcast visit Christian Life News page

Charity and Service

The School believes in developing servant leaders with a compassionate heart for the less privileged. To this end, charity has a key place at each school, encouraging student participation and initiatives both in fundraising and in serving locally.
For more information please visit our Charity blog page